Spitfire at the IWM, London
General Montgomery's staff car in Africa
Imperial War Museum, London
President Bush's plane
Home bunker
V-1 bomb called the"Doodlebug" in England
B-24 Liberator
American Air Museum at Duxford
Nose art
Eagle Pub bar in Cambridge
Ceiling at theEagle Pub
Eagle Pub
Eagle Pub wall
Schonberg and Bugliari at Chartwell
Kirsten Bennet Horner with Miller Bugliari
Chartwell's colors
Chartwell 's entrance -wooden door closeup
Chartwell 's wooden entrance frame
Kir and Miller at Chartwell
Chartwell- Winston Churchill's home
Chartwell -side of house
Chartwell- side garden path
View from Chartwell of Churchill's property
Schonberg, Horner and Bugliari at the Hatch Inn
Fireplace at the Hatch, circa 1430
Mr. Mitchell's home
Mr. Mitchell's gun collection
Mr. Mitchell's display of daggers
Winston's bowler
Mr. Mitchell's uniform collection
Mr. Mitchell showings his collections of WWII memorabilia
WWII Tunnels at Dover Castle, England
WWII tunnel in  the White Cliffs of Dover
View of Tunnel exit from below, Dover
Dover Castle, England
Medieval helmets in Dover Castle
Hall in Dover Castle
WWII defenses at Dover Castle
White Cliff of Dover- Ian Fleming house
White Cliffs of Dover
Fish and Chips in Dover
Near Stonehenge
Bovington tank training grounds
Pershing tank-Bovington Museum
BovingtonTank Museum: M26 Persing tank
M4 Sherman tank- used in movie "Fury"
Tank used in movie "Fury"
Tiger legend
Tigerfibel manual display stand
Tiger tanks-Bovington Museum
Tiger 2 tank (German)
Tiger tank profile- Bovington Museum
Massive  German Tiger tanks- Bovington  Museum
Grenfel Tower fire
Picadilly Circus at night
Rock of Gibraltar
Main Street,  Gibraltar
View of Africa from my room in Gibraltar
Governor's Palace, Gibraltar
Changing of the guard, Gibraltar
Cannon cap in at the "Convent"-Governor's palace
Cannon cap by the old cemetery, Gibraltar
Another cannon cap-Gibraltar
Moorish castle, Gibraltar
Tunnels in the Rock of Gibraltar
More tunnels The Rock
Southern tip of Gibraltar, facing north
Schonberg and Bugliari overlooking Algeciras
Michael's Caves, Gibraltar
Barbary macaques?
WWII tunnel, Rock of Gibraltar
The great rift in the Rock of Gibraltar
Storage in the WWII tunnels in The Rock, Gibraltar
Air vent in theWWII tunnel, Gibraltar
Jock's Balcony, WWII tunnel, Gibraltar
View of La Linea, Spain from Jock's Balcony
Gibraltar defenses
View of Caleta Hotel
Old Castle, Tarifa, Spain-ferry to Morocco port
Old Tarifa, Spain
The ferry to Tangiers, Morocco  from Tarifa, Spain
Tangiers from the Mediterranean
Our Moroccan guide Ahmed
Our Moroccan guide
Old Tangiers
Canons near the Minzah Hotel, Tangiers
Mosque overlooking Atlantic-Mediterranean junction
Camels at rest
Atlantic coast of Tangiers
Camel for hire
Camel rides
Camel reins
Moroccan hawker
Selling wares, Tangiers
Counting sales
Camel guide
Grand Hotel, Tangiers
Tangier market
The spice market, Tangiers
The fish market, Tangiers
The meat market, Tangiers
The olive market, Tangiers
Buying in bulk at the market, Tangiers
The vegetable market, Tangiers
Bread market, Tangiers
Bread merchant, Tangiers
Going for lunch, Tangiers
Inside the"palace"
Lunch in Tangiers
More music in Tangiers
In the medina, Tangiers
In the Bazaar, Tangiers
Street vendor in the Medina, Tangiers
Rug merchant's wares  in the Bazaar
Decorative boxes in the Bazaar, Tangiers
Daggers for sale, the Bazaar, Tangiers
Belly dancer's outfit and bra
Moroccan craftsmanship
More Moroccan craftsmanship
More merchandise in the bazaar
Narrow street in the Medina, Tangiers
Guide meets guide, Tangiers
The Atlas mountains of Morocco as seen from Spain
Spanish wind turbines
Cloud covered Gibraltar (seen from Algeciras, Spain)
Barbary "ape" in Gibraltar
Rock of Gibraltar and Caleta Hotel below
Close up of Caleta Hotel
Wellington front- old Gibraltar
Old Great Wall- Gibraltar
Old cemetery, Gibraltar
American WWII Memorial, Gibraltar
American WWII Memorial gate, Gibraltar
South Bastion, Gibraltar
Side entrance, St. Mary's Cathedral, Gibraltar
The Barracks, Gibraltar
Modified cannon carriage, Gibraltar
North Bastion, Gibraltar
Montague Bastion, Gibraltar
King's Bastion, Gibraltar
Adios Gibraltar
Stonehenge closer
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